The Stories and Photos of Orangeville Wedding Photographer Jennifer Hibberd

I didn’t quit. Well, I sort of did. But not really. {A post on reinventing yourself as a creative} I put out a pretty huge announcement a couple weeks back on Instagram, and shared it to my personal Facebook as well. I declared that I was putting professional photography on the back burner for a year or so to explore and entertain myself creatively in other ways.  It sounds so simple on

Candid Family Photos at Mukilteo Beach, Washington A few days before Christmas I took my guys down the the Mukilteo Beach.  It was cold and windy (not as cold as back home though!), but that has very rarely stopped them from exploring though. Didn’t stop me either – Im reminded of how much I love the sea, while Im clicking away; taking it all in…. It was a perfectly sunny day, making

Adventures in Washington Continued – Bed Jumping and Charlie Brown Tree Decorating I’m back tracking here, realizing I haven’t shared all the photos that I wanted to from our trip to Washington. This was a day that we were kinda stuck inside our hotel – a typically rainy, December day in Washington; but we loved it nonetheless.  We jumped on beds and decorated the small Charlie Brown tree that we got

2017 Wedding Photographer Behind The Scenes I cant wait to show you my 2017 Wedding Photographer Behind The Scene photos, and I do think I’ll do a “Best Of” of “Faves of 2017”, but before I do, I want to share with you what this year actually looked like for me. Folks. This was a crazy year. I have never cried so much and laughed so hard and Loved with all

Working with a Boudoir Photographer and a Dedicated Makeup Artist I wanted to write a quick post on what it’s like at a boudoir session, working with a boudoir photographer.  I wanted to have behind the scenes photos but looking back, I dont really have a lot of BTS boudoir shots, as I’m the one shooting. I did however have a few of my girl Jordan doing makeup, so thought this was

Adventures in Washington Post 1 – Big Gulch Trail – Dec 18th 2017 If you are joining in to follow our adventures in the Pacific North West; I have to tell you, we’re not Grand adventure seekers.  You wont find us climbing mountains, white river rafting or crossing bridges that seem to hang by threads in the sky.  Having 3 small kids, while recovering from an extensive foot injury, it’s

A Nottawasaga Inn Wedding – Jessie & Joel, by Jennifer Hibberd Photography Jessie & Joel’s Nottawasaga Inn Wedding was beautiful.  It started off as a rainy day, but nobody seemed worried in the least. Friends and family came from as far as New Liskeard, where the couple is from to witness & celebrate on Thanksgiving weekend. The leaves in the wedding garden, and surrounding the golf course grounds were just

Nick and Naomi’s Hidden Valley Resort Wedding, by Jennifer Hibberd Photography Welcome to Nick & Naomi’s Hidden Valley Resort Wedding story! Upon our arrival, Jess and I met up with Naomi and the girls, in her room at the resort.  We spent some time photographing her important details before capturing some even more important moments with her Mom.  We had beautiful north facing window light for some portraits; and then

LIMITED TIME CHARITY BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT EVENT!!!! Sunday Dec 3, and Saturday Dec 9th, 2017 This is a first for me – a boudoir event, but not just any event.  This one is meant to raise awareness and also some useful items or cash to donate to Youth Haven, a youth shelter in Barrie ON. November is philanthropy month – and my Barrie TuesdaysTogether group is going to do a

A Hockley Valley Wedding – Michelle & Noel   Michelle & Noel contacted me about their hockley valley wedding about a year ago, for Sept 23, 2017 – My most requested 2017 date. They are such an amazing couple, who have been through a lot in the months leading up to their wedding.  They surrounded themselves with friends and family as they said their vows at St James Church in