Lighting, Posing & Business of Wedding Photography Workshop I had the pleasure of participating in an amazing in person wedding photography workshop hosted by my incredibly talented friends,  John & Veronica of John & Veronica Photography, located in North York, Toronto. I can’t begin fully describe the value I got from doing this.  At this time of year, with a stack of editing in the que, albums being designed and

Styled Shoots – the 411 You might have heard the term Styled Shoot while paroozing Pinterest or the countless wedding blogs the web has to offer.  These shoots, when published by a wedding blog or magazine, provide visual inspiration to help couples plan their day.  What exactly is a styled shoot?  A Styled Shoot is simply a collaboration of wedding vendors that piece together a specific theme to showcase their

Shelburne Golf & Country Club 1950’s Bridal Shower Inspiration If you read enough of my blog posts, its likely you may have heard about the Rising Tide Society, and the local TuesdaysTogether local creative groups.  We got together to create this 1950’s Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Inspiration at Shelburne Golf & Country Club Kristen Au Prestan Tilley Jo MacIntosh are the beauties in this amazing collaboration between multiple vendors that came

Today I am grateful for my photographer friends. Today’s Mimosa Monday I am grateful for my photographer friends. While I cannot list all of them in this post, I want to celebrate how lucky am I to have found such great, meaningful relationships over the years. This past week, and over the weekend too, I got together with just a handful of these fine photographers; a couple of them multiple times, because of a super

Welcome to Mimosa Monday! A weekly instalment of celebrating life, love and things I’m grateful for ❤️ Welcome to our first “MM” post! This weekend was Victoria Day weekend, a long weekend in Canada more commonly known as May 2-4(two-four).  An American friend and ex-coworker of mine once told me it was the Canadian’s “Another Excuse to Drink” holiday. Lincoln, you’re not to far off!  Which is why I chose

Twice now in the last couple weeks Ive had the opportunity to work with some Alliston photographer friends – this time in FRONT of the lens! It’s a great experience and I highly recommend it to any and all photographers that they try this at least once. Its a direct approach to getting an inside scoop at how your own clients might be feeling during a photo session. When another photographer

By Appointment Only – Alliston Wedding Photographer The day has come! The paint is dry, the photos hung, cozy pillows tossed on the couch, and of course the Tassimo machine is plugged in. Heart and soul; blood, sweat and tears. A dream became reality this past week and a bit.  I opened a boutique wedding and portrait photography studio at 29 Paris St in Alliston. Deciding if a space of my own

Hola! I need to tell you about Tuesdays Together Barrie! I’m so excited about this! Back in the fall of 2016 I learned about a huge organization of creatives on Facebook called the Rising Tide Society. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this group is, and how many resources are offered to supporting and helping creative entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, the organization has smaller community groups that meet