Hanover Ontario Photographer – Documenting My Own Family at Allan Park. I took half a week off to celebrate my step daughter getting married and have some family time, before Adam jets off to Lexington again.  In previous years Ive always been nervous that a few days off in October will mean that I will get behind in my work. Let it be known that throughout this most challenging year;

Lifestyle Photography – For the Generations I preach to my clients all the time about providing heirloom items to pass down through the generations, so I thought I’d share with you a quick story about an impromtu visit from my Grandpa. When Grandpa visits, my mom and my Aunt come with, and we all have coffee and catch up.  Ive gotten used to just snapping with my cell phone but

Cottage Life – Parry Sound Photographer This weekend I was so lucky to have gotten away from it all, to enjoy my family before another haul of weddings and engagments, while summer is still at its peak. I didn’t pull my camera out much; because I really wanted to be present, and be a part of all the action; but I also wanted to use my camera for personal use

Jordan’s Barrie Countryside Maternity Photos Jordan and I met about a year ago at a fundraiser for breast cancer.  She was doing makeup and I was doing glamour shots.  We exchanged info in typical networking fashion, and kept in touch; interacting on social media. A few months back we collabated on the Rising Tide Society’s TuesdayTogether Barrie Styled Shoot Challenge, and also found out we had more in common than

Family Newborn Photos at Golden Hour Sigh. I love these family newborn photos I took of Katie, Tim and the beautiful Delylah. It’s not everyday that I’m asked to do a newborn session outdoors – but with nice weather finally here, us new moms (Katie and I had our babies just a few days apart) were DYING to be outside. They made the trek up from Mississauga, and then I took

A Letter To All My Children For this months instalment of A Letter To Our Children; I want to say something to each and every one of my kids starting with the one that stole my heart first, then my first born, moving through all the boys and finishing with my newborn that I hold in my arms. This is also the first time I’ve blogged from my phone…. New

Dear Ollie aka Love Bug In 8 days you will be turning 2! I can’t beleive how fast the years are flying by.  I’ll never forget how you came into this world – faster than a speeding bullet – but I’ll save that story for another day! I love watching you grow, and seeing just how similar yet so different you are from your brother.  Like Keith, you are a man

Alliston Family Maternity Photos While I may be a wedding photographer almost exclusively, I have group of awesome clients from back in the day, and I love when I get to photograph them.  When you work with someone more than once, its just easy. They’re comfortable with you, no longer nervous in from of the camera, and it shows through in their images every single time.  We wind up talking