Hanover Ontario Photographer – Documenting My Own Family at Allan Park. I took half a week off to celebrate my step daughter getting married and have some family time, before Adam jets off to Lexington again.  In previous years Ive always been nervous that a few days off in October will mean that I will get behind in my work. Let it be known that throughout this most challenging year;

Shelburne Photographer – Muddy Puddles “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby… feel a littke frisky!” Luke Bryan   Today Im thankful for the RAIN!!!! This has been one of the driest summers I can remember! I cant recall the last time we cut the lawn (June maybe?), and its the same for my neigbours. When the rain came we all got a little excited… being farmers

May already.  Its been 4 weeks since my last letter – 4 weeks since Pearson was born.  4 weeks of rocking, nursing, bouncing, patting. 4 weeks of trying to read books to Ollie with one hand, eat with one hand, and Ive gotten very good at making the bed with one hand. A friend of my family was over recently, for business actually and he sent me a message that said

A Letter To All My Children For this months instalment of A Letter To Our Children; I want to say something to each and every one of my kids starting with the one that stole my heart first, then my first born, moving through all the boys and finishing with my newborn that I hold in my arms. This is also the first time I’ve blogged from my phone…. New

Love Letter To My Boys (the little ones). I’ve always thought about writing letters to you, and things always seems to get in the way. It is my goal that you never feel that I always had too much to do – I want you to remember me as playful, and fun, (well, not always, I know I can be a fun-wrecker at times… all for good cause I promise!). It’s