Jordan’s Barrie Countryside Maternity Photos Jordan and I met about a year ago at a fundraiser for breast cancer.  She was doing makeup and I was doing glamour shots.  We exchanged info in typical networking fashion, and kept in touch; interacting on social media. A few months back we collabated on the Rising Tide Society’s TuesdayTogether Barrie Styled Shoot Challenge, and also found out we had more in common than

Twice now in the last couple weeks Ive had the opportunity to work with some Alliston photographer friends – this time in FRONT of the lens! It’s a great experience and I highly recommend it to any and all photographers that they try this at least once. Its a direct approach to getting an inside scoop at how your own clients might be feeling during a photo session. When another photographer

Alliston Family Maternity Photos While I may be a wedding photographer almost exclusively, I have group of awesome clients from back in the day, and I love when I get to photograph them.  When you work with someone more than once, its just easy. They’re comfortable with you, no longer nervous in from of the camera, and it shows through in their images every single time.  We wind up talking