Shelburne Photographer – Muddy Puddles “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby… feel a littke frisky!” Luke Bryan   Today Im thankful for the RAIN!!!! This has been one of the driest summers I can remember! I cant recall the last time we cut the lawn (June maybe?), and its the same for my neigbours. When the rain came we all got a little excited… being farmers

Today I am grateful for my photographer friends. Today’s Mimosa Monday I am grateful for my photographer friends. While I cannot list all of them in this post, I want to celebrate how lucky am I to have found such great, meaningful relationships over the years. This past week, and over the weekend too, I got together with just a handful of these fine photographers; a couple of them multiple times, because of a super

Welcome to Mimosa Monday! A weekly instalment of celebrating life, love and things I’m grateful for ❤️ Welcome to our first “MM” post! This weekend was Victoria Day weekend, a long weekend in Canada more commonly known as May 2-4(two-four).  An American friend and ex-coworker of mine once told me it was the Canadian’s “Another Excuse to Drink” holiday. Lincoln, you’re not to far off!  Which is why I chose