I didn’t quit. Well, I sort of did. But not really. {A post on reinventing yourself as a creative} I put out a pretty huge announcement a couple weeks back on Instagram, and shared it to my personal Facebook as well. I declared that I was putting professional photography on the back burner for a year or so to explore and entertain myself creatively in other ways.  It sounds so simple on

Candid Family Photos at Mukilteo Beach, Washington A few days before Christmas I took my guys down the the Mukilteo Beach.  It was cold and windy (not as cold as back home though!), but that has very rarely stopped them from exploring though. Didn’t stop me either – Im reminded of how much I love the sea, while Im clicking away; taking it all in…. It was a perfectly sunny day, making

Adventures in Washington Continued – Bed Jumping and Charlie Brown Tree Decorating I’m back tracking here, realizing I haven’t shared all the photos that I wanted to from our trip to Washington. This was a day that we were kinda stuck inside our hotel – a typically rainy, December day in Washington; but we loved it nonetheless.  We jumped on beds and decorated the small Charlie Brown tree that we got

Adventures in Washington Post 1 – Big Gulch Trail – Dec 18th 2017 If you are joining in to follow our adventures in the Pacific North West; I have to tell you, we’re not Grand adventure seekers.  You wont find us climbing mountains, white river rafting or crossing bridges that seem to hang by threads in the sky.  Having 3 small kids, while recovering from an extensive foot injury, it’s

Hanover Ontario Photographer – Documenting My Own Family at Allan Park. I took half a week off to celebrate my step daughter getting married and have some family time, before Adam jets off to Lexington again.  In previous years Ive always been nervous that a few days off in October will mean that I will get behind in my work. Let it be known that throughout this most challenging year;

Happy New Year! I cant believe have a broken foot. Really its not – still New Year I mean; I cant believe that its February and Im getting to write my first post! This year has been a bang up year so far – all puns intended! I spent New Years Day with my family.  Adam and I bundled the boys up and headed to Collingwood to check out all

Shelburne Photographer – Muddy Puddles “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby… feel a littke frisky!” Luke Bryan   Today Im thankful for the RAIN!!!! This has been one of the driest summers I can remember! I cant recall the last time we cut the lawn (June maybe?), and its the same for my neigbours. When the rain came we all got a little excited… being farmers

Today I am grateful for my photographer friends. Today’s Mimosa Monday I am grateful for my photographer friends. While I cannot list all of them in this post, I want to celebrate how lucky am I to have found such great, meaningful relationships over the years. This past week, and over the weekend too, I got together with just a handful of these fine photographers; a couple of them multiple times, because of a super

Welcome to Mimosa Monday! A weekly instalment of celebrating life, love and things I’m grateful for ❤️ Welcome to our first “MM” post! This weekend was Victoria Day weekend, a long weekend in Canada more commonly known as May 2-4(two-four).  An American friend and ex-coworker of mine once told me it was the Canadian’s “Another Excuse to Drink” holiday. Lincoln, you’re not to far off!  Which is why I chose

May already.  Its been 4 weeks since my last letter – 4 weeks since Pearson was born.  4 weeks of rocking, nursing, bouncing, patting. 4 weeks of trying to read books to Ollie with one hand, eat with one hand, and Ive gotten very good at making the bed with one hand. A friend of my family was over recently, for business actually and he sent me a message that said