A Family Engagement Photo Session

A very important and special way for my Brides and Grooms that have already started their family is to have a family engagement photo session.  Their upcoming nuptuals aren’t just about themselves at this point; its about the perfect little beings they have created with that love.

Being a Mom myself, I totally get the value of this, so bringing Charlotte in for a few shots (before it just got way to cold) was a no brainer.

I posted earlier Melissa and Justin’s love story, but this entry is for Charlie.  Here we see just how special she is to her parents, and how wonderful they are as a family.

Despite the cold, and some tears, its clear to see how lucky they are to have each other.

Winter Family Engagement Session Mansfield

Meet Charlotte – aka Charlie – cute as a button 🙂

Family Engagement Photography
A little sled ride in the snow was fun, but she really wanted to get up and move!

Alliston Wedding Photographer Family Engagement Session


Could that be any cuter? I think not 🙂
Alliston Wedding Photographer Family Engagement in Mansfield

Charlie wasn’t feeling it anymore, so she took a minute to steal some snuggles from her Mama.  Daddy gave it his best shot to work a smile out of his little sweetie…

Sweet Family Photography Alliston Wedding Photographer

And he got it 🙂 And then a killer smile from Mama too #DaddyForTheWin

Fun Family Winter Engagement Photo Session

Such a great family <3

For the other half of Melissa & Justin’s Engagement Story and Photos click here.  If you have any questions regarding hiring a photographer for wedding or engagement photography, see this post or contact me here.


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