Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important steps you will take in your planning process.

While matching up your personal tastes with the artistic styling of a photographer is the first step, personality is equally as important.  I do mean equal.  If you cannot be comfortable with your photographer than it’s not a good match.  Meet with your photographer in person if at all possible – if not get a facetime or Skype convo going to determine if the photographer is someone that you can hang out with for 8 or 10 hours (or more!) in one stretch, because trust me; we don’t leave your side for more than a few minutes!  Here are some of my most frequently asked questions from past clients.

Q: Do you get up close during the ceremony?  A: I make all efforts to maintain a distance during the ceremony.  I use a 70-200mm lens for most of the ceremony – this focal length is usually enough to keep back a fair bit.  It is my goal that you and your guests don’t really know I’m there, or at least do not feel as though I’m intruding.

Q: Do we get the digital files? A: My current collections do include a gallery of high resolution files, plus the web resolution images for posting to social media.

Q: How many images will we get? A: I will always give your story as it unfolded; and select quality over quantity.  While initially many people think they would like 1000 images in high res; the truth is they seldom look at the bulk of the images, and prefer to show off their favourites on social media and in their home.  Full day coverage usually produces around 600 final images.

Q: How are the images edited? Do you retouch images?  A:  My editing style is warm, clean and artistic, yet very timeless, so that you will be proud to display them for many years to come. Once your images are sorted, they are processed for colour, exposure, brightness, clarity etc in Lightroom. In regards to retouching (removing fine lines or skin discolouration, “liquifying” ie) making people skinnier, giving you a wicked tan, or removing large objects are examples or extensive retouching). Of course I will pull special images into photoshop for prints, an album or art piece at no extra charge.

Q. Do you edit in black and white as well as colour? A: I lean towards colour most of the time, but if an image tells a stronger story in black and white than I’ll most certainly do a conversion. Some image look so great either way and if I can’t decide, you’ll get both!

Q:  Where and when should we do our engagement session:  A:This is entirely up to you! An engagement session is a way for us to have some fun and get to know one another and help you get comfortable in front of the camera.  I’m always open to ideas for where and when we hold the shoot, but whatever we decide it’s best if it reflects your style and love for each other.  I can plan out the whole thing if you are open to ideas.  We want good light, and my favourite time to day to shoot is “Golden Hour” just before sunset, but I’ll shoot day or night!  This being said, if you would like to make an album or book of your images its best to book it several months in advance.

Q: Will I get YOU as my photographer:  A: YES! Unless I am hit by bus the morning of I will be at your wedding! On the rare occasion we get requests for dates we are booked.  While currently we defer to other respected photographers, we are considering hiring an additional lead photographer for busy seasons or when we would like to take some time for our family.  This would always be presented up front so that you know who you are getting to work with on your wedding day.

Q:  How long do we wait for our wedding pictures: A: This one is important to me too.  I really like to deliver in a timely manner.  I try really hard to “get it right in camera” so essentially it depends on the coverage you choose, as well as the season, where there are higher voume in the que.  2016 I am only commissioning 8 weddings but late summer/fall is by far my most popular season so work load is a little higher.  In any event I like to ensure that you have your images within 6 weeks, but please understand if it takes closer to 8.  I promise it will be worth the wait!

Q:  What do you wear to weddings:  A: I love fashion, and love dressing up for the occasion.  I keep my look understated, professional, yet comfortable so that I can work and feel like Im being myself.  My attire will suit your venue/event, without standing out.


I hope these answers help you with hiring a wedding photographer.  Here are some helpful links to other pages on my site.  Take a moment to

If there is something more specific you wish to know, contact me, I would love to learn more how I can make your day as fabulous as possible.

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