What to wear to engagement photos is probably the question Im asked the most!

If you are wondering what to wear to engagement photos, I think this post will be helpful!

There really is no right or wrong thing to wear (although I do have some “do’s and don’ts in this post here – its from 2015 but rocks some valid points).

The thing I’m quick to remind people, is part of the reason we do engagement photos in the first place is to break the ice, get to know each other and allow for your true selves to shine.

That’s hard to do when you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing; so number one in my top 5 is

1. Wear something that you feel good in.

By this I mean wear something that makes you feel good about the way you look, not lay-on-the-couch-eating-nutella-with-a-spoon feel good. You know; like when you dress up to go out on a date with you love and you do that one last look in the mirror and say ‘dayum girl!”  Shop your closet first – sometimes and old fave is the way to go, but if not grab your bestie and hit the mall. Make sure you choose stuff that fits properly, never too tight or too loose.

Your goal: to feel fabulous in what you wear.

Jennifer Hibberd Photography_0001

A beach engagement shoot is the perfect way to have some fun in the sun and sand. Light, breezy fashions really suit the scene.

2. Choose fabrics with patterns and textures that photograph well.

Sometimes stripes and checks can go wonky. If stripes or checks are your thing, and your the adventurous types, we can take the gamble. My favourite fabrics to work with are linen, lace, silk, chiffon, wool, leather/vegan leather.  Textures add depth to your photos. Patterns – small florals, polka dots, or patterns within textures such as herringbone tights, a chattily lace blouse, a cable knit sweater.

*Be cautious of cottons – they wrinkle easily, so if your garment is cotton, opt to bring it and change on location.

what to wear winter engagement photos

Winter – the perfect excuse to add layers and textures.

3.  Coordinate your look with your location.

OR dont. I debated putting this one down, because I’m  conflicted on it. Here is why: Cowboy boots with a cute pastel summer dress looks amazing on a dirt road with the sun setting behind you; super romantic.  Take your country look to a graffiti wall in Toronto and it wont look WRONG and in fact if could look EVEN MORE soft and romantic.  OR if country music is your inspiration, rock your cowboy boots on the urban scene could look amazing too – think “Nashville”.  Go country-glam. (This is actually amazing at night).

Flip side: if your scene is a wheat field with the setting sun on the horizon; dont wear Jimmy Choo heels.

Follow? I know you do.

toronto photographer what to wear to engagement photos

night time is the right time – dress up and get dramatic

4. Have Options.

2 options is great – its not uncommon for us to change the scene entirely or go from day date to night date for a more dramatic look.  Engagement shoots are a fun opportunity to be fashionable.  Remember a second set of shoes too!

London Photographer

Choose clothes that compliment one another, the scene and your shape. Having interesting details like the back of this dress is a bonus.

5.  Choose one outfit that allows for some flow and movement.

The easiest way is to make one of your choices a dress or skirt.  Chiffons and silks are incredible, but any lighter weight fabric will do.  Motion and energy in a photo is nearly as important to me as light. For my guys, this can apply to you also. Depending on the season and style a casual, untucked button up will allow some movement also. Linens rock – especially for beach engagement photos.

What to wear to engagement photos Jennifer Hibberd Photography

Easy, breezy, beautiful cover of your album girl.

Bonus TIP –

Get your makeup and hair done. Makeup particularly adds that next level polished look to your photos. Avoid strip lashes if you can, or ask your MUA to apply them under your real lashes. I work with 2 amazing artists on a regular basis, and am happy to arrange that for you.




I hope this post was helpful, and inspiring for you and helps with your planning!

If you have any other questions about what to wear to engagement photos, best locations, or hair and makeup looks, send me a message.






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